Cast Iron Grills & Griddles

Posted on 11th February 2010 by Donna Piper in

Cast Iron Grills & Griddles, happy shopping!
With our cast iron lodge pans and our cast iron grill, these are still extremely popular for the use on the campfire, in the kitchen.  Cast iron griddle are the perfect cookware for any meals for breakfasts,  you can use a grill griddle for cooking your famous blueberry pancakes and with the double sided cast iron griddles you’ll use the ribbed side for cooking bacon and it is perfect for extracting unwanted fats. Then use the cast iron bacon press for keeping everything flat.  The iron griddle is also great tool when cooking meats like steak, chops, ham and burgers and the cast iron grill press is perfect.  With these cast iron press are designed with a cool grip handle that eliminates the need to grab a pot holder, when using it. Lodge cast iron cookware recommends that their grill presses be cleaned with hot water and a stiff brush. These cast iron grills press helps cook and grill meat faster and with tastier results.

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